Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fabulous Five

Aunt Cecelia's Open Letter to anyone under 14 on this blog and their parents:

( perhaps best shared only a few months ahead of the event):

Dear Eoin, Kate, Bobby, Rufus & Sutton (aka The Fabulous Five):

Perhaps you've heard?  There's talk in 18 months or so of a gathering.  That's two whole grades away from now, so you'll be quite a different person by then...well, sort of; you'll still be wonderful you.  I am already imagining it.

You'll be saying things like:
"Hey! Watch out for that Creeper!"
And I'll be saying things like, "I'm on Amazon ordering a movie. Do you want this one, or that one?"
You'll be saying, "Mango in my smoothie, yes please!"

And I'll be saying, "Everyone? The Fab Five are headed to the beach to collect shells. You're invited."  and, "The Fives will be studying constellations tonight - big people welcome to join us."

If ever you get tired, or hungry, or just out of sorts, we can go lie in the hammock and read together, or play a board game, or play cards, or go for a hike. Or we can go pile on Uncle Joseph, do canon balls and splash the grown ups, or decorate Aunt Haley's hair.

 I love you each so big, it's hard to imagine all that wonderfulness in one house!

It's waaaay too long to wait. 

As for The Big Seven:  Silas, Isaac, Charlie, Will, Xander, Eliza and Virginia, here's to hearing what would put smiles on your faces, too.  

PS  Yes, that's right, together you are The ___ Dozen.  (you get to fill in the blank).

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