Monday, July 28, 2014

Cousins - Christmas - etc. 7/28/14

Hey, I'll post this on our reunion blog so ya'll can give your inpuy there please, so we avoid another e-mail chain  Wanted to share that Mom & I spent the better of the day together and the subj. of Jan 2016 and Christmas came up.  I know that we (Mom & I) are picking names this year - haven't gotten to it and can't really promise anything as cool as what Michael or Clare have done the past couple years but it'll be soon.

Anyway the point(s) I wanted to share was that Mom spoke of
a) "I don't know how much room there is, but I was thinking of my cousins - they have reached out to me since Dad died and that has meant a lot to me."  Shall we reach out to her cousins and extend an invitation?  Can we legally put Carvers on the floor for the sake of them visiting and needing a room?

b) speaking of cousins she spoke of the importance of the Carver cousins getting to know each other and what about asking anyone over 21 or anyone over 18? to participate in the Christmas Kris-Kringle - your thoughts?  My sense was that she feels family is important and we as the aunts & uncles should probably be doing more to help them get to know each other.   

c) so,,, I felt the need to share with you where her heart is "at" - at least right now....

xo bee

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Since we are Driving to this Grand Event.....

I wanted to let everyone know that Mom and the "E's" will be driving.  It occurred to me the other day that by driving I might be of use for all those items that don't travel well via plane.  So if any of you wish to have me bring along extra liquids, b'room/toiletries, or camping stuff like sleeping bags, lanterns, whatever, please let me know.  Love to all. Bee