Tuesday, June 3, 2014

 Good morning all,
Bee and I talked last night and we think that we need an online space so we all do not have to read chains and chains of emails.

If you want another on line space - got for it.  name it, create it and invite us. In the meantime, I have done this. But, as I said in the original message, setting up a good place for us all  "to be " in the planning of this reunion  is going to be very helpful and make things smoother and easier in the long run!

OK quick summary for going forward:
- Bee and I feel it is critical to set the date first since this will dictate location.
- Someone pls make a Doodle Poll with the seasonal / date proposals

Things to keep in mind for selecting dates:
#1. Availability of as many people as possible: federal holidays are impt to take advantage of since we all  have them off.
- Keep location thoughts apart from setting the dates since the 1st priority for all of us is to celebrate Mom and be together. Clearly this can happen anywhere.



  1. Thanks for the invite and my date preference is week between Christmas & New Years. xoxo Bee

  2. the week of dec 26th (sat) till Jan 2nd (sat) seems great... that's the best time of year for brian and I to travel... the spring and summer are very full for me with wine sales travel and fall is totally off the table for both of us...

  3. thanks for getting the ball rollin'

    I would like to think about somewhere warm!
    I will be living in Montana at that time.
    thanks again for launching this plan.

  4. Between Christmas and New Year good for the Bainbridge contingent. Warm = good!