Wednesday, June 4, 2014

hello 6/4/2014

Hello folks
Thanks Bee, alex, clare for accepting the blog invite. Please encourage/ text/ email/ bug  others to join unless you have a better way to avoid reading long chains of emails and have a space on line to gather.

A few things that are rolling in my head that I should have shared:
- no date is gonna be good for all; everyone is going to have to give ( ie: use personal days at work, save money, negotiate with extended family to make this happen etc. )
- some will come earlier and some will stay later: all fine
- I think- but I could be wrong- that MOM will not mind where it is along as we are all together
- Why pick a date 18 months ahead: so all who need to accrue PTO, put in for the time from their employer etc will have more than a year to do so.
- I see this as a ONE TIME event. we will likely never do this again with Mom in the picture
- Since we are less than 30 now, it seems like a good time as opposed to several years from now when the older grand kids may be married- which is not a bad thing- :)  it just starts to get more complicated with 30+ people.
-  I hope that we can make a vacation out of this and plan  it that way ( saving vacating time at work and money towards this vacation).
- There is no expectation that all the grandkids and / or even spouses come, I think though that it will be impt for all of mom's 9 to be there for at least 2-3 days. That said, EVERYONE is the ideal.

Hope that helps wrap your head around this.


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